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Animal Medical Care

Improving the animal  health  care by training fresh graduate vet , vaccinating all animals against Rabies and Sterilizing street animals for a healthier environemnt


Shelter/street animals fixed and vaccinated against Rabies


Vets trained


Clinic Cases Treated



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After the huge campaign's success last September,
We are glad to announce that AMC - SNAP animal care center now has a permanent spot in Roweisat to vaccinate & sterilize street animals, sponsored by Savoy Group & Sierra Sharm El Sheikh.


In 2023, our team will focus on Sharm El Sheikh and el Tor cities, creating a fixed spay and neuter unit targeting to sterilize and vaccinate over 500 street animal in both cities.

Ways to support us

We are welcoming volunteered vets and vet assistant to join us all year long on a one month base. 

We have two main locations: one in Cairo and the other in Sharm El Sheikh


We were so fortunate to have the WVS Task Force team with us during the month of December 2021, Dr. Anahita Kumar and Dr Stacy Sequeira performed a surgical traning for two weeks and participated in one Rabies Mass vaccination drive in Maadi area, then join our out reach in Nuweiba

Get to Know Us

Vets trained in India and Romania dedicating their time to improve the animal's medical care in Egypt



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