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Each animal we vaccinate against Rabies saves a human life 


AMC-SNAP is a registered Awareness and Training Center. Running four activities:

1. Surgical ad non Surgical Training for fresh graduate vets.

2. Low cost medical care for street and domestic small animals.

3. A community service program to sterilize street animals

4. Mass vaccinate of street animals against Rabies. 


All founders of SNAP team had surgical and non surgical training abroad, some in India at the WVS - HICKS and OOTY ITC ( International Training Center) and some in Romania through the HSI recommendation of the Romania Rescue Center in Bucharest.

Our Mission is to improve the health and medical care of the animals in Egypt. On one hand training fresh graduate vets on what we have learned of better usage of medical protocol for the health and care of he animals and on the other hand, work on mass sterilization of street animals and vaccinating them against Rabies to improve their health and have a safer and healthier environment for the humans and animals alike.


Meet our Team


AMC-SNAP center is so blessed with local and international supports boosting the effort of our Spay/Neuter Program and the low cost clinic

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