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A GOD’s Gift to AMC-SNAP team to remind us of the real meaning of “Animal Medical Care”.

She was admitted to the Center; a 9kg senior emaciated stray, with mammary gland tumors and two inguinal hernias. Barely moving, nor eating. The first blood tests done at the center, showed severe anemia, chemistry blood work not in her favor…. All medical facts were heading into one direction. But, this was not the reason GOD had send us Destiny!

All the team, our senior partners and consultants had no options for Destiny but to relief her from all these complicated medical conditions, but Destiny was waiting… she was waiting for us to think harder, try harder… she had other plans, she had a role in our lives that we ddn’t know about at that time.

Her carer, Mrs. Susie Nassar insisted against all odds to sustain her health condition and take the risk to have her go into surgery!!! “

”, Said Mrs. Susie Nassar. None of us agreed, yet it was not our decision to make… so, Destiny had her first chance to show us what she can do! She ddn’t look responsive, she was not eating well, we had her under treatment for almost three months before she seems ok to be in surgery.

On the scheduled day of surgery, everybody was going into different emotional reactions, some not comfortable with the idea, some couldn’t even stay and attend the surgery. Destiny, she was calm and relaxed.. Mrs. Susie Nassar was at the Center since noon.. the surgery took place at 6:00pm!!

The surgery was conducted by one of the best surgeon in Egypt, Dr. Moataz Shaban, all our team attended the surgery expecting to learn something new…. They all did learn, the greatest lesson. Destiney survived the surgery.. against all odds she simply, survived it!!!

From that moment further, nothing was the same anymore. All the NOs became YES and the word IMPOSSIBLE ddn’t exist anymore in the team vocabulary. They saw and lived a miracle…SHE MADE IT THROUGH SURGERY, AND NOW IT IS UP TO THEM TO HELP HER RECOVER…

Destiny gave the team a chance to do what they swore an oath for, to apply a medical care for a recovery old dog! But she ddn’t make it easy on us… her recovery was a step of complications after the other… she was leading everybody to WORK HARDER, TRY HARDER, THINK HARDER… The vets and vet assistants stayed over with her night after the other, following up with the senior surgeon, consulting each other.

It took her three month….After she was sure they learned their lesson…. She started to recover!!! A fit 23kg baladi dog….She mastered the game of a healthy dog being alive, enjoying the morning sun, eating like a puppy, walking, even jogging.

The time came to discuss what to do next, as we are not a shelter we can’t keep an animal after recovery… but again, Destiney had another plan…. She had already decided that AMC-SNAP is her home… and we could be happier to have her with us… seeing her enjoying her space, resting in her corner, walking in the patios and playground… she was home!

We agreed to keep her with us and do a regular blood work on a monthly basis to monitor her health condition, she had to live on Renal dry food which Mrs. Susi Nassar bought for her every month and follow up on her blood check up monthly too.

We will not share with you her surgery pics or how she looked before and after surgery… am sure she wn’t want that. We will share with you how she felt HOME.

Destiney a +13 year old beautiful baladi breed. Died peacefully in her sleep, in her home, in the first hours of a Saturday morning 15th of Jan 2022. She lighted our lives for a full year. GOD Bless you habibte

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