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Ways to support us:

Volunteer in our Mass Vaccination Campaigns

Volunteer in our Spay and Neuter Programs in Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh


SNAP Center is running a CNVR program in South Sinai with the collaboration of the Vet Authority in the Governorate.


South Sinai has 6 main cities (Dahab, Nuweiba, Saint Catherine, El Tur, Ras Sidr and Sharm El Sheikh).


The Medical Center in Cairo is still supporting  the CNVR community initiatives in Cairo and Giza.

Cairo and Giza

SNAP Center team running mass vaccination campaigns in Cairo and South Sinai. 

In 2020: 2054 dog vaccinated in Luxor, Hurghada and Cairo.

In 2021: 1954 dog vaccinated in Cairo & South Sinai.

In 2022: 2000 dog dog vaccianted in Cairo and South Siani

Cairo and Giza

6008 stray sterilized and vaccinated from 2019 till end of 2022. In 2023 SNAP is targeting to sterilized and Vaccinate 1500 more dogs in Cairo and South Sinai


SNAP Center is a Registered Awareness, Education and Animal Care center. Our expert vets specialized in the mass sterilization of street animals and the mass vaccination against Rabies. WE welcome volunteers to help us in our vaccination campaigns and awareness programs all over Egypt.

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