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Working on improving the medical care quality for street animals, shelter animals and raising awareness about the importance of the animal medical care as part of


Education and awareness are the main keys to fight animal abuse in Egypt. Starting with the vets and how their role in the improvement of the animal medical care is essential for the safety and security of the human beings. to raising awareness within residential areas and gain positive public engagement in mass sterilization and rabies vaccination of the street animals to create a healthier environment for animals and humans alike

There are hundreds of shelters in Cairo, most of them can not afford to provide proper medical care for all the animals in their care. AMC-SNAP Center offers FREE sterilization for animal shelters and low cost treatment through our clinic to help improve the medical condition of the shelter animals and increase their opportunities for rehoming chances


SNAP Center provide three weeks surgical and non surgical training for fresh graduate vets to improve their medical practice, knowledge and technics.


The three weeks training introduce the participants to small animals, large working animals and equine fields then the spay/neuter surgeries and what is mass sterilization and stray population control concept.

Educational and awareness workshops for vets  and non vets about the importance of stray population control and Rabies Vaccine.


Conduct planned mass sterilization of street animal in target areas to control the over population of strays in a target area.

Egypt has hundreds of shelters and small charities each having over 100 and sometime thousands of rescue animals.

Most of these animals are not sterilized nor vaccinated not to mention their poor medical condition.. One of AMC-SNAP support programs is providing Free sterilization of shelter animals including Rabies vaccine , deworming and anti flea treatment to help improve the medical condition and the health care of these animals which might increase their chances of finding a forever home.

Starting September 2020, AMC-SNAP Anti-Rabies Vaccination Team started touring Egypt to vaccinate street animals against rabies and spread awareness about the importance of Rabies Vaccine for human safety. 

In the last quarter of 2020, the SNAP RV team Vaccinated 850 street animals in 4 cities : Luxor, Hurghada, Dahab and Cairo.

Our target in 2021, is to vaccinate 4000 street animals all over Egypt.

In the first quarter of 2021, 856 street animal were vaccinated against Rabies in Cairo, Giza & South Sinai.

The AMC-SNAP Center have a low cost clinic serving domestic pets and shelter animals. We offer low cost treatments, surgeries and medical boarding. 

BRAVE "Balance between Regulations and Awarness by empowering the Vets role and the community Engagement"  creative educational/awareness idea to teach school students and children how to live in a safe and healthy environment within our communities and what is their role. The slogan of the program " We need o be BRAVE to make a change in the human/animal welfare


AMC-SNAP Center welcome experienced surgeons and vet assistants to volunteer at the center in Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh to help in surgeries and treatment for a min stay of one month.



Improving the animal health condition is part of the human welfare

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